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Friday, January 30, 2009


The the Anthem for '09:
When in doubt, just ask Riley:

And by no means am I a homophobe my friends. I L-O-V-E all people, however, as a single lady dating in this brave new world of Metrosexuals and Brothas on the DOWNLOW, I must, WE must, keep this shit 100% real. This is Our Health & Life here, nothing to mess around with, point blank per'd. So, pretty please forgive any hurt feelings my Brothas, but, if you swing both ways, you swing both ways - own that shit! And stop playing 'round w/ our emotions and health, so we can make the proper INFORMED decisions as to if this behavior is something we will, or will not accept in a relationship with you. And Ladies, Ladies, Ladies let us PUH-LEEZ Wise Up! We must be accountable for what we ATTRACT into our own lives!!! But I know how it goes, he's so fly, so stylish...yada yada yada. Well, I don't know about you, but a few years in NYC has left my Gaydar a little rusty, thus I've begun the process of polishing that sucker off. BELIEVE THAT! So yes, this is my personal, little Public Service Announcement to help us all kick 2009 off in the best, healthiest - Body, Mind, and Soul- way possible, and to save you all the trouble of this horrible MINDFUCK. Best Wishes in '09, and FOR SERIOUS, It's a quarter past time to take off the Rose-Colored Glasses; If you EVER have to question, even a little bit, your man's sexual orientation, just remember Riley from the Boondocks' famous (infamous?) words of Wisdom, "NIGGA YOU GAY."


p.s. - To my Gay and Bi Brothas, your orientation is cool with me, but full disclosure is just common courtesy, word. Love You Still & Always!!!


Happy New BLOG!!!

So it's about time! Can you BELIEVE we are already through January!?! And what a month it was...Can you say OBAMA???(But that's a tangent, into which we will further delve @ a later blog) I would like to take this time, and this blog to say "Hello World! Welcome to GYRLNYOURWORLD!" After years of blogging on, most of which were read by friends, family, and other subscribers hip to this this GYRL's (Gorgeous Young Resourceful Lady) World, I've decided to open up to a larger audience. I simply feel I have a unique outlook on Life, and think I might be able to help/inspire/make a person or two laugh along the Way :) And now for a brief Disclaimer: This blog is NOT dedicated to ANYTHING WHAT-SO-EVER. However, it will, with time, do it's darndest to grow to be any and everything it can be, and will probably touch on some of my very favorite things; Relationships - I mean isn't that what Life is all about anyway when you get down to it???; Spirituality/Metaphysics/Astrology; Music; and NYC NiteLyfe!...and maybe, if my stomach can handle it, a little Politricks ; but all things really. Let's Dish!

p.s. - I'm working on importing old blogs, from myspace for now, peep: