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Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy New BLOG!!!

So it's about time! Can you BELIEVE we are already through January!?! And what a month it was...Can you say OBAMA???(But that's a tangent, into which we will further delve @ a later blog) I would like to take this time, and this blog to say "Hello World! Welcome to GYRLNYOURWORLD!" After years of blogging on, most of which were read by friends, family, and other subscribers hip to this this GYRL's (Gorgeous Young Resourceful Lady) World, I've decided to open up to a larger audience. I simply feel I have a unique outlook on Life, and think I might be able to help/inspire/make a person or two laugh along the Way :) And now for a brief Disclaimer: This blog is NOT dedicated to ANYTHING WHAT-SO-EVER. However, it will, with time, do it's darndest to grow to be any and everything it can be, and will probably touch on some of my very favorite things; Relationships - I mean isn't that what Life is all about anyway when you get down to it???; Spirituality/Metaphysics/Astrology; Music; and NYC NiteLyfe!...and maybe, if my stomach can handle it, a little Politricks ; but all things really. Let's Dish!

p.s. - I'm working on importing old blogs, from myspace for now, peep:

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