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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

MUDITA - A Joyful, Simple Spiritual Concept.

Hey Luvies,

I'm still basking in the afterglow of remembering The Greatness of Michael Jackson on his would-be 53rd Birthday, remembering Aaliyah (I've got to do an in-depth blog about her this week, just got so caught up, I almost overlooked Our "Babygirl."), and the great news Bey & Jay dropped on the world last night, such a sweet moment. That smile of hers on stage, and his proud, fatherly grin in the audience as Kanye cheered on, just reverberated through my entire being, as well as with my friends. I'm also still "high" from all the neighborly love we were feeling here in my 'hood in Brooklyn post-Tropical Storm Irene. It's moments like these that remind me that "The Good of One, Is the Good of All," and that the way to grow that warm and fuzzy feeling is to continuously go out of your way to be plain, & simply, & genuinely Happy for someone else.

It's is a term the Buddhists have dubbed Mudita and it's one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE SPIRITUAL TENETS. I don't claim to know all about Buddhism, or any religion or spiritual path for that fact, but I see the ability for Universal application of any idea, tenet, spiritual tool that helps you bring forth your True Spirit, Cultivate Your Soul, and Be Your Best Y-O-U!

Mudita goes a lil' something like this, be Happy for others, with no conditions, no ulterior motives, and You Will Grow Your OWN Happiness. That's It. No Strings Attached :D The Buddhists liken it to the happiness a mother has for her child (how appropriate given all the good baby news in the World, and my world right now...I've another baby shower to attend on November - The GYRL's are Busy. :D ). The mother has joy for the small baby just for existing, and then as that baby matures into a toddler, Youth, etc., the mother has happiness for her offspring's accomplishments and experiences, but moreso has happiness when her child has HAPPINESS. We see it effect everyday, and embracing it will really turn those hardened bitter frowns upside down :D And it reminds me of a lesson a Theatre teacher, Ms. Patrica Dolan Gross, once gave us, she was explaining that the actor truly is an acrobat of the heart because we go into emotions and help give them form, some would say channel them in a way other people can feel them; and that as human beings, we truly are apart, and integrally meshed into each other's experiences. She gave us the example of her grandson's birth, she didn't have to be the one in labor to be elated at his arrival - and this is the point of Mudita. It Is The Vicarious Experience of Another's Joy & Experience, thus bringing it down, or channeling it into YOUR OWN Experience. I think the World would be a much better place if more people consciously knew of the spiritual principle/tenet of Mudita, and actively tried, that is put forth an effort, to implement it in their everyday lives, think of all the beef that would be squashed!?! It's basically the equivalent of "Don't Hate, Congratulate!" So, on that note, CONGRATULATIONS Mrs. Knowles Carter, and thank-god it's you this time around, cause I have NO PLANS TO GET PREGGO ANY TIME SOON, lol! Thank-You Bey for Sharing Your Joy, & Your Pregnancy Experience, in advance, with Us.

Mudita at it's Finest!

Namaste ("I Honor the Divine/Creator/Creative Presence in You")Luvies,

An Excellent Article on Mudita. Goes More Buddhist on 'Ya, But with Good Examples, & Very Easy to Understand.


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