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Monday, September 12, 2011

AstroAlert - FULL MOON in PISCES!!!

"Mercury clears the mind clutter as it moves into practical Virgo."
EXCELLENT time to tap in to Your Spirit aka "Higher Self." The Full Moon being in the astrological sign of Pisces signals that Intution aka "Psychicness" will be high, and we all should place a lot more faith in Our Dreams (literal, the messages we get while sleeping, as well as the intangible Higher Ambitions/Aspirations/Goals we set for Ourselves).

In addition, EVERYONE will be A LOT more Sensitive during this period, so I ask you all, "Please Tread Lightly!?!" That being said, this mushy-gushy, atmosphere is PERFECTO for DEEP CONVERSATIONS OF THE HEART-TO-HEART type. Pisces swims in the deep waters, so don't be afraid to's alright to "go there" during this emotional time.
Pisces Body Art by Rudy Everts

AND SPEAKING OF COMMUNICATION, this is SIGNIFICANTLY HELPED by MERCURY visiting the astrological sign of VIRGO, "The Vestal Virgin." Pisces adds the necessary Depth, but Virgo (The, Detailed-Oriented, Opposite Sign of Pisces on the Astrological Wheel/Chart) will ensure that any communication will be Neat, Tidy, & Thoughtful. Thus, in my humble opinion, FULL MOON IN PISCES + MERCURY IN VIRGO = One of the BEST Atmosphere's Available to get to the Heart of the Matter, & TIE UP LOOSE EMOTIONAL ENDS!

Happy Diving Luvies,
Pisces the Fishesby Boris Vallejo

p.s. - Here's a little of what Astrologer Jeff Jawer has to say about it:
"The Full Moon in sensitive Pisces on Monday, Sept. 12 represents compassion, surrender and spirituality. Its opposition to the Sun in analytical Virgo contrasts free flowing faith with the need to master details.
However, both Virgo and Pisces are associated with service; they just go about it differently. The former takes care of the practical and concrete while the latter attends to our emotions. Learning how to gracefully move between the two is the gift of this Full Moon."

AND here's some of what has to say about MERCURY in VIRGO:
"Mercury, the planet of communication, has two home signs: Gemini and Virgo. Gemini represents the objective airy side of thought, while Virgo is the practical, earthy side. So, we can expect a time when thought will most likely to be used with efficiency and conversation grounded in reality. A planet is considered to be strong when in its home sign, one which it is said to rule. This helps direct and refine its energies to higher levels of purity and power. Mercury in Virgo is, therefore, a strong period in which to analyze and criticize with great precision."


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