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Sunday, March 8, 2009


DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME IS OFFICIALLY HERE! (and might I add, not a moment too soon for this Gyrl)

Growing up in South Florida, I never really "felt" the time change much, I mean it's sunny and 75-80 degrees most of the year, and just plain closer to the equater, thus we don't sense it's loss as much, IF at all during the fall and winter months. But boy oh boy have the past few autumns and winters in NYC learned me a thing or two! Last winter I was so miserable, I'm pretty sure I had SAD, and I said to myself if I EVEN had a tingling of those sensations this time around, I'd be visiting the tanning salon on a regular basis.(Yes my Sistas I said it - tanning beds. I've never done it, but I am not opposed to enhancing the chocolate, no not at all. I say ENRICH THE MELANIN! I've never researched how safe fake UV lights, and tanning beds are on the body's system, so could possibly change my tune on their usuage down the line).

But aside from my tanning bed tangent - the point is basically, after some experience with the NYC winter I COMPLETELY understand why New Yorkers and other northerners go gaga for the official/mandated loss of an hour of a sleep once a year (besides, I'm sure New Yorkers, loose many, many more hours of sleep, for a plethora of other creative reasons).

READY TO SOAK UP THE SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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