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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Venus Retrograde in Aries: Slamming the Brakes on Love?

March 4th, 2009 by Jeff Jawer
Venus, the planet of love, normally transits a sign in about a month. She entered fiery Aries on February 3 and won’t leave it until June 6. This prolonged stay is caused by her retrograde cycle that begins on March 6 and ends on April 17. Venus related subjects like love, self-worth and partnerships can be complicated during this six-week stretch, especially when old issues resurface from the past to put a wrinkle in our plans. Aries is not the most comfortable place for Venus because this is a sign of independence, and Venus is all about relationships. Throwing in the twist of the retrograde cycle could make the conflict between Aries’ self-interest and Venus’ instinct for compromise even more difficult. Still, the reviews and revisions of these retro periods also supply a second chance, in this case, to reconnect with love, regain approval, and to recover income-producing opportunities.

Some astrologers consider any planet’s retrograde period to be a decidedly unfavorable time for the subjects it symbolizes. Yet, while it is true that the course of love may not run true during this time, there are enormous opportunities for resetting your personal compass. Venus is about values: what we like and what we want to be liked for. Her presence in pioneering Aries could set us off in a new direction, one in which a fresh assessment of what we hold most dear is likely. The single-mindedness of Aries can be helpful in screening out over-socialized behavior that turns us away from our true desires. Instead of being so concerned about others, this is a period of self-love when we connect more directly with our desires. The retrograde can awaken images from the past: pictures of old lovers, grandma’s brownies, and summer camp walks in the woods. These are reminders of what has delighted us in the past and what may have been lost over the years.

Venus Retrograde in Aries in not about the end of love, pleasure or income. It is about an instinctual alignment with tastes that please palettes and values that make sense. Some may be revivals of the past, but others can represent the fresh new direction of our post-Wall Street meltdown period. Yes, we may not feel secure in the torrential rains of economic bad news, but a renewed source of self-worth can arise out of these troubled waters and lead each and every one of us to bright ideas about the economy and a renewal of love and joy.

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3. What does it mean?
During this particular period of Venus' cycle, everything the planet stands for tends to play out inwardly and affect psychological states. Therefore, expect matters related to the five senses, financial and material possessions, love, fertility in the literal and figurative senses, harmony and justice, aesthetics, relationships, and negotiations to be at the core of your thoughts. You may not enjoy socialising as much as usual.

You prefer to withdraw in some kind of retreat and concentrate on in-depth introspective work in order to discover the real meaning of your daily interpersonal exchanges. The other possibilities are that you are blessed with extraordinary inspiration, or on the contrary, you feel that your creativity is totally drained, strangely enough. In any case, after the cycle is completed, more often than not, you realise that the principle of evolution inherent to Venus retrogradations has worked. You are empowered and you find it easier to influence your world.

4. Who Is Concerned and How?
In astrology, a sensitive point is the spot of your chart where the Sun, the Moon, a cluster of planets, the Ascendant or the Midheaven axes are found. The four following groups of persons are very likely to powerfully feel the influence of this retrogradation:

people with sensitive points at 29° of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces),
people with sensitive points between 0° and 15° of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn),
people with natal Taurus or Libra highlighted,
people having natal Venus as part of their planetary dominant.
People with sensitive points at 29°Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, or between 0°-15° Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius, are very favoured. However, since they receive only soft aspects from Venus, there are not enough tension and stress to prompt them to take action. As a consequence, they may miss good opportunities for personal growth.

For all other people, the retrogradation will go more or less unnoticed. Please note that we are analysing exclusively the transits of Venus. Transits by other planets occurring within the timeframe indicated above may bring about concrete events and/or psychological developments which do not fit our description.

5. Do's and Don'ts
Since Venus is mighty in Pisces, the sign of her exaltation, she is unlikely to wreak havoc in the affairs of the houses that her retrogradation activates. Nevertheless, her station direct at 29° Pisces, an anaretic degree (the 29th degree of all signs) often deemed to be crisis-oriented, warns that indecisiveness may be an issue. To offset possible setbacks, it is advisable to keep all your lines of communication open, to tap into your analytical skills, and to avoid fuzzy situations. You must also pay high attention to details and concentrate on the matters ruled by the houses involved.

In Aries, Venus is in the sign of her detriment, and according to the Tradition, she is inefficient since she is unable to express her qualities. Modern astrologers disagree with this ancient interpretation and argue that the powers of Venus in Aries are nothing close to weak since they take on the fiery, pioneering, swift, and impulsive nature of the sign. Suffice it to say that Arian energies counterbalance the possible laziness of Venus and, provided that you accept to exercise some patience and thoughtfulness, you can fare successfully throughout Venus' retrogradation cycle.

Do not hesitate to exploit the tools Venus is lending you. Charm, softness, love, financial matters, on the one hand, and relationships, partnerships, harmony, fairness, legal affairs, on the other hand, are the trump cards you should take full advantage of. Indeed, they may open the path to entirely new opportunities.

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