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Sunday, March 1, 2009


Soooo, when I was in college, my friends and I had a little celebration, a mini-New Year's if you would, at the beginning of EVERY month(at least when school was in session). Oh how I miss that ritual! It was really dope, no matter what was going down; papers, projects, mid-terms, finals, hook-ups, break-ups, make-ups, we were all getting together ("we" meaning a good amout of School of Music students), even if just for 15 minutes(it was an all out bruhaha, but people would trickle in and out depending on what the nest day held in store for them), though a power-packed 15 minutes, to count down and ring in the New Month! We would hijack the house of whoever lived off campus, decorate - were talking balloons, confetti, streamers, the whole nine yards; cook, bake loads of desserts, crank the sound system, and have ourselves a jolly good time. Usually someone would even bust out an instrumental rendition of Auld Lang Syne. TONS OF FUN!!! Me and one of my best Gyrl's, who find herself now waaaaayyyy on the Westcoast(Do It Big T!) keep the memory alive with monthly midnite texts, but nothing could replace that time and that place! It was really a great way to break the monotony of the week 'ya know? I mean living in NYC, I never feel that need anymore, but I HIGHLY reccommend the New Month countdown and mini partaaaay to any of the Gyrls and guys currently pursuing higher education to get out of that study rut, or anyone who bascially just wants to liven things up! It really energizes your month, helping you let off the steam of the prior month, and kick off the new one with friends and a refreshed outlook, believe me...I don't know how I would've survived Undergrad w/o them???

Sunday 3/1 - HAPPY NEW MONTH!!!

Friday 3/6 - Elizabeth Barrett Browning's B-DAY, the "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..." poet

Saturday 3/7 - YOUR FAVORITE GYRL'S B-DAY (no wonder I'm so romantical!?! see aforemetioned birthday

Sunday 3/8 - Spring Ahead Bitches!
************MORE SUNLIGHT WHOOO-HOOO!!!************


International Women's Day - I know, kinda ironic to be all like "bitch" and International Women's Day in the same breath ... but I Love all you Crazy Bitches, Know That! ("I only call you Bitches cuz I don't know you names individually..." - Katt Williams @ 4min and 15 sec)

Monday 3/9 - Fast of Esther/sundown Purim


Melo-X's Show @ Blender Theatre!

Tuesday 3/10 - Purim continued


ASCAP New York Sessions w. Keynote Speaker Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty

Thursday 3/12 - Girl Scout Day (Alas, how we still hold on to old dreams...I always wanted to be a Girl Scout, make some macaroni necklaces and shit (and I'm sure learn a lot too), but my mom went to one meeting and was like "this is WAY too much mother involvement to be the "Girl" Scouts. lol, always keeping it real, you are missed LCB! At least I can by some Edy's Samoas ice cream to celebrate.

Saturday 3/14 - ANTM Cycle 13 in New York, Casting Director in the House! So make sure to work it you "fierce" Gyrl's you!


A casting director friend of mine will be having an event that day as well:

SATURDAY MARCH 14th TIME: 2pm to 4pm LOCATION: RIPLEY GRIER STUDIOS 520 8th AVE. PRE-REGISTRATION from 2/16 - 3/6 US $ 50.00 Pre Registration fee ( Certified check or Money order) REGISTRATION AT THE DOOR US $75.00 ( CASH only Day of)

Tuesday 3/17 - St.Patty's Day

Friday 3/20 - The Vernal Equinox and FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!

Tuesday 3/24 - Saturday 3/28 WMC in Miami!!! Whether you register for the conference or not,get your butt down there for some SUN & FUN!!! Holla @ me for some cheapo rental car companies in the area.


Already Shaping Up to be a AWESOME & BLESSED MONTH LUVIES!


Click HERE For a Calendar and month of March Fun Fact's

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