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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Lunar Eclipse Today - Dream BIG!!!

Morning Luvies!

Honestly, I haven't written anything since the sudden, massive loss of the Musical Love of my Life...been kinda in the dumps, but alas, today is MJ's Memorial Service in L.A. @ the Staple Center (and private burial for the family?). So, as they lay the King to Rest, I figure I should lay my aching heart to rest, at least aside, as well -though there will no doubtedly be sharp pangs of pain from time to time for months to come, if not years...loss is not easy, but we must try to keep it Positive and think of it as an Ascension 'ya feel me :)

Which brings me to my first post in like 2 weeks, that's like suicide to a blog I know, but my heart just wasn't in it...

Some more info according to

The second lunar eclipse of 2009 takes place on July 7, signaling the beginning of a dramatic eclipse period. A solar eclipse occurs on July 21 and then another lunar eclipse happens on August 5. A lunar eclipse always occurs during a full Moon, when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, casting its shadow on the Moon. Eclipses also come in pairs.

We tend to be more emotionally expressive during a full Moon, and this time around, that bright orb in the night sky is no exception! This won’t be a boring month and you'll want to keep your eyes and ears open so that you can take full advantage of the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls. This is a time to stand back and assess your goals. Your career/work life gets a lot of attention now, and with Saturn making a helpful aspect, you just may get the support you've been hoping for! The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Aquarius, which will be exact on July 10, boosts your optimism. While the eclipse in practical Capricorn keeps your feet on the ground, this idealistic duo reminds you to dream big!

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