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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

B-RAE on MJ!!!

Hey Luvies!

In the whilrwind that has been the past two months, I almost forgot to post this video. It's of your GYRL being interviewed by Karina Huber of Reuters News on 7.7.09 in Times Square during the Michael Jackson Memorial. Not an easy day at all! It was especially tough when the Jackson brothers ushered in the gold casket, and again when little Paris spoke, I can relate being I lost my dad around almost the same age. Parents are "supposed" to go before the kids, but loosing them at THAT early of an age, and let me just tell you, THAT SHIT SUCKS! Your family, especially children, are forever in my heart and prayers MJ.

NY Jackson fans gather for memorial

6:02, My heart still aches at the thought...


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