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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


A Rollercoaster of a Month

April begins with the Sun in fiery Aries, which is supposed to quicken the pace of things. However, the full power of this pioneering sign may not kick in on schedule. That's because Venus is moving retrograde (backwards) until April 17, which can slow down social matters and occupy our time dealing with old issues. Dynamic Aries is the sign of the present, the here and now of spontaneity and immediacy, yet the fuse for new activity may be dampened by delays.

Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, is also slowing down progress as it wobbles through diffusive Pisces until April 22. An opposition to it from strict Saturn on April 4 can magnify the frustration caused by delays, denial and defeat. It's a reality check of the least gentle kind, one that can deflate hopes and send us back to the drawing board. However, if you've been pursuing a dream or ideal with dedication, commitment and a solid plan, Saturn's opposition can stabilize the situation and contribute to its long-term success.

The pace picks up, perhaps so suddenly that we go flying off the tracks, when Mars joins electric Uranus on April 15. This is an inventive, original and rebellious aspect that can spark bright new ideas and unconventional methods, yet managing its impatient and manic energy requires a cool head to handle the heat. Then, on April 22, Mars enters Aries and the high-octane fuel starts kicking in. This is the planet's first visit to its home sign in two years. It is terrific for innovation, launching new projects and raising the rate of physical activity. The warrior planet is ready for a fight, but you can turn that force in a constructive direction to harness the passion and power it represents. Standing still or avoiding issues is the least desirable tactic, since that increases the likelihood of being challenged by irritating individuals or tormenting tasks.

A key period every month is the Full Moon, when we are confronted by contradictions that either open minds and increase choices or stress us with opposing drives and points of view. This month's lunation is on April 9 with the Sun in independent Aries facing the Moon in accommodating Libra. Finding the right balance between self-interest and compromise can put pressure on partnerships. Yet, this could provide a valuable lesson in meeting someone halfway without losing touch with your own needs. Generous Jupiter forms a harmonious 120-degree trine to the Moon, which brings a desirable dose of open-minded optimism.

-By Jeff Jawer

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