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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dreams are in the Air...

Sun Sextile Neptune

Every planet has a special influence, and these planets - Sun and Neptune - are always moving on their own paths throughout the zodiac. When two planets are "sextile," it can be like they're having a brilliant conversation and sharing their special talents ... and this benefits us!

The Sun is considered a planet, and the Sun helps us bring focus to whatever other planets it's interacting with. Meanwhile, Neptune is the dreamy planet of romance and remembrance. Neptune is also all about magic and illusion, and definitely creativity! Right now, the Sun and Neptune are at a great angle to create a fantasy dream team!

What else does "Sun sextile Neptune" mean? It means that we might suddenly feel a need to express ourselves in very creative ways -- performance, writing, art and more! You'll find yourself lost in daydreams -- they might be total fantasy, or they might be sweet thoughts for the future. You might also find yourself drawn to new religious ideas or spiritual issues. If you suddenly find yourself reading a friend's mind or making predictions, you're feeling Sun sextile Neptune. Do you ever have night dreams that later come true? Sun sextile Neptune might be to blame!

This is also a great time to visualize the goals you want to accomplish. You know the saying, "Dream it and you can achieve it?" Sun sextile Neptune gives you full permission to give this a try!

With the Sun illuminating Neptune, this is also an excellent time to dive deeper into those bizarre or interesting dreams you have at night! What is your nightlife trying to tell you? What kind of symbols do you see when you go to sleep? Now is the time to receive any messages your subconscious might be trying to send you, because Neptune also oversees illusions and dreams.

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