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Monday, April 6, 2009


So your GYRL's actually been back a few days now, though catchin' up on work, but I would be remiss if I didn't take a min to fill you in on the latest and the greatest! Thus, here's a funny, lil' ancedote on the personal life (PLUS Miami Pics coming soon too!).

Upon my return from Miami I was disappointed to find the Domincan Hair Salon next door to my new aparment (I had been so geeked about, and honestly still am, I do heart the neighborhood) was turned into a Chinese Liquor Store. WTF!?! Over the span of seven days??? I guess if the World can be created in 7 days, another liquor store can go up in a predominantly Black neighborhood :(

I mean, I was gonna move there anyway, but I was almost having wet dreams about getting my hair blown out for $10! I guess those prices don't pay the rent (literally) during a so-called recession (all I got to say about that is that I'M NOT RECESSING! NOR DO I AGREE WITH IT, AS IT RELATES TO MY UNIVERSE! MIND OVER MATTER 'YALL!). But yeah, liquor store in the new 'hood. NOT A GOOD LOOK.

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