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Friday, April 17, 2009


And what a grueling & confusing month or so it has been on the "romantical" front!

Here's a little summation courtesy of

April 17: Venus turns direct

On March 6, Venus turned retrograde in bold Aries, helping you take care of unfinished business and gain a deeper perspective on the status of your relationships. You may have been contacted by someone from your past; perhaps you met someone new who seemed strangely familiar. It has been important during this relationship review to evaluate the important people in your life and the strength of those connections. Now that Venus is direct, assess the changes that have occurred since she turned retrograde and put into practice everything you've discovered about yourself and your loved ones.

Are you ready to rev-up your romance? Ever since Venus turned retrograde on March 6, you've probably encountered plenty of twists and turns in your love life. You may have met the love of your life; perhaps you were contacted by someone from your past who wants another chance; or maybe you've seriously considered leaving your partner.

Whatever your particular scenario, evaluating your needs and the strength of your connections has been the essence of this retrograde. While relationship review is the motto of any Venus retrograde, maintaining the balance between independence and closeness has been especially important during the last six weeks. Why? Because lovely Venus was retrograde in assertive Aries. Additionally, with Pluto’s square to Venus during this time, you've yearned to connect deeply, and may even have considered letting people go if that spark could not be fanned into a steady flame. Venus finally turns direct on April 17 in Pisces, just in time to get your love life back on track.

Question of the Day (Venus's Expression for You Over the Past 6 Weeks Holds The Key For Your Particular Situation):

("How It Was Supposed to Be" Remix: Ryan Leslie feat. Jada Kiss - This Song is Straight Fiyah! ON THE SERIOUS REPEAT.)

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