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Monday, June 22, 2009


This morning the new moon of Cancer occurs. Cancer, the Crab, is one of THE most sensitive signs of the zodiac, though you may never think it due to their tough exterior...I mean there totem is a shellfish that carries its home on its back get it??? Cancers are truly the most domestic sign of the zodiac, having a sincere love of home and hearth, and all things emotionally, AND physically comforting. They are also known as the "mothers" of the zodiac because they have a natural inclination to care for and dote on their family, friends, and loved ones. They respects old bonds and loyalty, and though warm, it may take a bit of time to earn their Trust. The U.S.A., with it's "birthday" being 7/4/1776, and I think I was once told NYC, are both Cancers, so that makes a lot of sense to me. New York for example, looks so intimidating to outsiders, but once you are in, you will find some of the biggest characters and even bigger hearts - but you definitely gotta earn your way in, the USA too; it makes me think back to what my stepdad had to go through to become a citizen of this country...sheesh, but I digress. Yes, Cancers, definitely the best friend type if that is what you are looking for, and they make devoted, yet sometimes clingy, even insecure lovers...but that's all water signs, take it from a Pisces. I think it's definitely a fair trade-off for a Heart of Gold, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL THE CANCERS IN MY LIFE, and ALL THE CANCERS OUT THERE IN THE BLOG-O-SPHERE, B-RAE UNDERSTANDS YOU!!!

Oh and before I forget, being that it is the new moon in Cancer, the energy of Cancer will permeate this month so we can all expect to feel the energy of Cancer in our own personal lives. For those of us not use to plunging the emotional depths of water signs, we may feel a little off kilter, wishy-washy, you know, but you can survive it! Some general things to be aware of:

- High Sensitivity (physically, and emotionally - Cancers are prone to anxiety due to their highly developed nervous systems)

- Moodiness (Cancers are VERY hard to read, and moods can change on the drop of a dime; they are also prone to sulking when they do get in a bad mood)

- Wanting to Be Home/in Comfortable Surroundings (not a good or bad thing, and can actual be beneficial, making you slow down and appreciate your home, family, and friends. Now is actually a GREAT time to make changes around/fix-up to your home)

- The Urge/Need to be Around/Near Your Family, Truest Friends, and Lovers.

- NOSTALGIA! (Cancers are Notorious Packrats, all of them tend to have Keepsakes from back in the day, as well as a SPECIAL collection of something, anything...)


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