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Tuesday, June 16, 2009



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The Stars This Week by Amanda Owen

Shifting Tides

06/15/2009 - 06/21/2009

A review of your plans for the future begins this week with Jupiter turning retrograde on June 15. Yet your idealism is in overdrive with the Sun's multiple aspects to outer planets. On June 17 the Sun trines Jupiter and Neptune and squares Uranus connecting you with the larger world. Then the Sun enters emotional Cancer on June 20, marking the Summer Solstice.

June 15: Jupiter turns retrograde

Since Jupiter entered community-minded Aquarius last January 5, you have been expanding your sphere of influence and paying more attention to the larger world. Perhaps you have joined a group, made new friends or started participating more in your community. Now Jupiter turns retrograde for the first time in Aquarius, giving you a chance to review your decisions. Momentum is slowed during this retrograde period, which will last until October 12. However, do not worry about plans and projects that are delayed. This is an important cycle where, in the end, whatever was held back will turn out to be a blessing in disguise. In general, this is a time of cutting back and curtailing excesses. Look to see where Jupiter is transiting in your own chart to see how you can benefit from this review.

June 17: Sun trines Neptune, Sun squares Uranus, Sun trines Jupiter

What inspires you? With Jupiter and Neptune conjunct, the Gemini Sun trines both expansive Jupiter and spiritual Neptune catapulting your idealism to new heights. Your desire to give and make a difference is strong. The Sun also squares Uranus today. Every now and then, the universe seems to want to make sure we are staying awake! As the Sun in information-gathering Gemini meets the square from gotta-have-change Uranus, expect the unexpected to jolt you out of your everyday routines.

June 20: Sun enters Cancer

The Summer Solstice is marked each year with the entrance of the Sun into this sensitive, protective water sign. Since Cancer is a sign of home and family, thoughts naturally turn to spending time with those you know and love. Why not organize a family picnic or attend a reunion? Can't get together in person? These days technology offers so many ways to stay in contact. This sign is known for its compassion, making this a wonderful time to remember the importance of family, and to count your blessings!

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