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Friday, June 12, 2009


Mercury Aligns with Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune:

According to AOL Horoscopes:

Right now a rare alignment between messenger Mercury and the powerful trio of Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune is occurring, meaning that Mercury has plenty to say about your personal expansion, progress and inspiration. These powerful planets stimulate you to open your mind and inspire it with new sources of understanding. This is the time to get fresh perspective on yourself!

Mercury Forms Some Interesting Angles This Week

Get Dreamy But Get Your Facts Straight

Mercury is the chatty planet of thought and ideas. As it moves through its own orbit, it creates a series of interesting angles with other planets, impacting the overall mood. The good news is that in the following week, Mercury's specific angles can benefit you! Find out how ...

When two planets are "square" each other, that means they're a little bit at odds. The chatty, information-hungry planet of Mercury is now square expansive Jupiter, suggesting that although we might have the best intentions with information-gathering -- to study up on something, say -- we aren't allowing ourselves to make the most of the opportunity to learn something.

Meanwhile, Mercury is sextile -- or linking up harmoniously -- with Uranus, the rebellious. During this time, you'll feel a lot more freedom in how and what you communicate. This is a great time for creative writing and sending your work out there, if you have artistic impulses. It's also a great time to explore "radical" ideas.

Now let's look at how Mercury is linking up with dreamy Neptune. These two planets also form a square. If they were in agreement (in an angle like a sextile), they could be great tools for creativity. But when they're butting heads, as they will be in the next few days, it shows a big discrepancy between truth and fiction. You might find fantasy overriding your ability to think clearly. Be aware of this, double-check all your decisions and make sure that the planet of illusion isn't clouding your understanding of a current situation, because Mercury is also the planet that governs whether you have all the information you need to make choices.

So this next week, enjoy the illusions but don't get sucked in! Double-check your work and make sure you have all the facts straight before making a big decision. Then, go wild with ideas!

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