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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Neptune begins it's retrograde cycle tomorrow, Thursday, 5/28. Neptune is a gaseous planet, i.e. cannot be read very well because like gas, it's energies cannot be easily contained. Neptune, like it's element, rules over things that cannot be easily defined or captured either, i.e. illusion, glamour, and mystery. I have a haunch that things that have been perplexing to you will start to become a bit clearer as Neptune re-tracks it's path through the Heavens.

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It's time to tune in to your deepest core principles and create a larger vision! Neptune takes 14 years to transit through a sign, and has been transiting through Aquarius since 1998. On May 28, as Neptune begins its yearly retrograde -- a period that will last until November 5 -- be sure to revisit a dream, an ideal or a vision you've had. Think about how far you’ve come over the last 11 years, as you have been prompted to make positive, healthy changes in your life. Neptune has been in the same area of your chart prompting you to invest in your life vision. Examine the house in your own chart where the yearly retrograde is occurring for greater insight.

Neptune in Aquarius represents the quest for a better life, for freedom, equality, peace and contentment. With this placement we are all tuned in to our hopes, wishes and dreams. With this retrograde, see how you can realign yourself and your life to encompass these principles. Expansive, generous Jupiter conjuncts Neptune during this turnaround, so this is an especially idealistic time. But keep in mind that Mercury is about to turn direct in a close square to Neptune, and your thinking is not at its most logical! So, dream big but hire a fact-checker Virgo friend to help keep you on track!


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