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Monday, May 18, 2009


I'll definitely expand on this more in depth A LOT more later, but I'm just compelled by Spirit to get this out and circulating at the current moment. Just know it's a Massively Good Alignment in the Cosmos, again I reiterate, that astrological forecasts aren't written in stone, but we can lessen aggravations, and increase/expand upon beneficial situations with this information, so with that I say:

Sun SQUARE Jupiter, plus, Jupiter CONJUNCT Neputne and Chiron!!! ( a little known asteroid, except to real astrology heads. So:

1. Sun Square Jupiter = Beneficial. This is like a double-dose of Positivity. The Sun and Jupiter both represent Positivity & Warmth, each being huge, hot gaseous planets - yes, I know, but in traditional astrology, the Sun (and the Moon) is given as much weight as the planets, and did you forget that the Sun technically is a star??? I mean, when some asks you "What's your Sign/Star Sign?" The answer you give is based on what constellation of the Zodiac the Sun was in at the exact time of your birth, so yeah... But back to Sun square Jupiter, it can be seen as a Positive sign because the Sun representing goodness is exaggerated by Jupiter because that's what Jupiter does, being gaseous it expands physically, so as a transducter of Spiritual energy, it does the same thing. English - Jupiter's own energy is that Expansion, making things larger than Life, so when coupled with another planet/asteroid/star/heavenly body, it amplifies whatever energy that heavenly body is giving off, and since the Sun gives off Good Vibes, this is a time of let's say "Double, Good Vibes"...however, we have to be aware of the excesses that come along with Jupiter. Another name for Jupiter is Jove (hence jovial - a good mood get it) has the worst time saying no! Jupiter doesn't know it's limits because, like physcially, and "As Above, So Below," you can't limit something gaseous or confine it to a container. This is also a Great time, being that the Sun which rules over our earliest beginnings, to get back in touch with that which REALLY makes you Happy! With Jupiter in the picture unabashed Happiness and Fun, Fun, Fun are the orders of the day!


2. Jupiter CONJUNCT Neputne and Chiron = Benefical. It only happens every 13 years people!!! 13, in, my own Kabalistic studies, is a positive the number becasuse it is the 12 Signs of the Zodiac + 1 (your Will Power), so it's literally a represenation of mind-over-matter, and then there's Jesus + the 12 disciples, the 13 stepped Egyptian Ladder to Eternity, it goes on and on. So, the fact that this alignment only occurs ever 13 years is SUPER Special. A bit more about Chiron, it is an asteroid, 1 of many, but we count this one in astrology as well as a few others. The Special quality linked to Chiron is healing. Actually, I don't remember the character's name, but the wounded Centaur that helped Harry Potter out of the woods that one time is a representation of Chiron. Chiron is known as the wounded healer because in classical mythology, he was a Great Healer and taught others how to be Healers too, but couldn't heal the wound in his own heel. This fact is significant because with this special conjunction comes an unprecedented opportunity to heal old wounds that have been deeply hidden (Jupiter and Chiron are also Conjunct Nepyune, the planet of Illusion and Mystery). There is a lot more to say abouy this conjunction, and I will elaborate as I get more information, and can formulate more meaningful thoughts, but that's the basical gist of it. Here is more on the topic from astrloger Jonathon Cainer:

"Mercury is retracing its recent path, slipping further back through the sky each day. Saturn, meanwhile, stands still. Or rather, from where we stand, that's how it appears. Other planets now intensify the difference between 'how things are' and 'how they appear'. Neptune, planet of illusion, is in conjunction with Jupiter, planet of amplification. That implies a 'big misconception'. This rare, once- every-13-year conjunction also involves, this time, an asteroid called Chiron, 'the Healer'. Harm that appears to be irreversible, or damage that seems beyond repair can soon be put right. "

Here are some neat links on the number 13, which is SO, not "unlucky.":

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