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Monday, May 4, 2009


HA! I've been having a comic renaissance, and I found Reckless Tortuga a while back (sorry I didn't put you on sooner!). I'm luvin' this skit at the moment. AND NOW 'YALL KNOW! Don't get your GYRL twisted or you'll see just like Mr. Buy My Homemade CD. tee hee hee

And Now You Know.


This one is pretty darn funny too: CRAZY SEX

OMG, He went there - "Dumb Bitch." LMAO!

TWILIGHT PARODY - "I'll see you fragile humans later."

This sketch is Borderline annoying, but there are a couple of great Moments (in my opinion anyway)

1. After he finds out the news is incorrect he does a double take, and in an instant the posters he tore down out of duress are twilight magically back on the wall.

2. V8 = blood Takes a sip from the V8 bottle, then oops, "Blood, mmmmm."

LMFAO, hope you will too Luvies!!!

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