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Saturday, May 16, 2009


If things have been seeming extra rigid and "by-the-book" for you for the past few months, this can be explained by the fact that SATURN, THE DISCLIPLINARIAN, of the solar system has been back-tracking, yes, it was Retrograde! And if you've been reading my blog at all, for any length of time now, you should have an idea of what this means, but if not a quick brush-up - when a planet goes retrograde, it means the areas which fall under that planet's jurisdiction, the areas it governs, are extra exacting and focused on in that area of your Life. So, for example, we are currently experiencing a MERCURY retrograde, and Mercury is the Messenger planet of Communication, so during this type retrograde, communication can become really sticky, technology more-than-likely goes ape-shit (can't tell you how many cell phones me & my People have misplaced or gotten stolen during a Mercury retrograde), short-term travel plans have a high likelihood of going awry, and one shouldn't make any long term plans really (if you don't prepare for it, but don't get scared by this statement because even mental preparation counts - and it's actually the most important, best kind of preparation one can do - to think about the things that could flub, and take the extra time to give them the extra attention and care neceassary to ensure "normal" functioning/success, is all this means)... So with the Saturn retrograde, Saturn governing the structures, rules, and laws, of Society (with a big "S" yes), we may all feel the need to fit the status quo, or just feel VERY hemmed in by it, wanting very much so to break free of it, but usually there is some sort of external pressure due to society's constructs inflicted upon us during this time. Also, we need to go over any legal obligations (for example I have a friend who got called to (Grand) Jury Duty the past couple of weeks, yuck) not necessarily to work on them during this time, but to at least be aware of them, so that when Saturn does start going direct again, we can be ready to tackle them issue. BUT WE ARE MOVING FORWARD ALONG WITH SATURN NOW, SO SHOULD STOP FEELING SO STUCK NOW, YAY!!!

And also, during Saturn Retrograde, Karma comes back to bite us in the bum, here's what , and, respectively have to say about it:

"Slow moving Saturn is finally reversing its backward motion and turning direct again. Stern Saturn rules karma, and teaches us about the cause and effect of our actions."

"Saturn, the slow moving planet of karma and the taskmaster of the zodiac, which has been retrograde since December 31 of last year, finally turns direct on May 16. This ushers in a period of possibilities as our inner plans begin finding their way into the outer world, and vague outlines of concepts begin to sharpen.
Saturn asks for commitment, discipline and a sense of purpose to work its magic of making dreams real. He commands us to get to work, and to work hard. Discipline and responsibility are important to this planet. Saturn reinforces responsibility, carrying your share of the load and being held accountable for what you say or do. Saturn rules wisdom, but it is wisdom gained from hard work and experience -- earned one difficult step at a time. During a direct period, Saturn inspires confidence. As its role as a teacher, during a direct transit, Saturn also bestows inner strength -- a strength of spirit, a deepening sense of compassion and understanding of self, others or a particular situation."

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