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Friday, May 8, 2009

Oooooooooh I'm Feeling It Already...

This (Early) Weekend's Astrological Forecast:

Mercury Retrograde + Full Mooon in Scorpio


So...the Mercury Retrograde, which makes communication loopy, started yesterday, and the Full Moon is in the most intense sign (which is prone to self-destruction/sabotage), Scorpio.

And how appropriate being that we are coming upon Mother's Day this Sunday, May 10th; because though Scorpio can be one of THE MOST Sadistic and Masochistic signs, prone to guilt trips and revenge(think kamikaze), it can also one of THE MOST Doting and Nurturing signs. SOUNDS CRAZY - I KNOW!!! This is due to the fact that it is a Water sign, and who doesn't like to be near Water? Think the beach on a sunny day. But ever been at sea during a storm? Yeah that is the power of Water in Nature, and thus the dichotomy of Scorpio, and any of the Water Signs, but especially Scorpio as they are the most emotionally intense.

Also, Scorpio sees things as Black or White, Wrong or Right, there is no grey area, no "in between" for this sign. I found quote that, in my opinion sums up the Scorpionic Philosophy to a "T":

"I never have lukewarm feelings for anyone. I either love or I dislike."
-Coco Chanel.

This is what we are up against with the Astrological Sign of Scopio, and over the next few days as the Moon (which rules our Emotional Core; and is Full, think a pregnant woman coming full-term...she's full and ready to reveal what she's been cooking up for nine months, and thus, the same with the moon when it is full. All those emotions and feeling that have been stirring just belowe the surface are suddenly exposed. This can be a very raw an edgey time in general, X's 10 with Scorpio in the picture, you feel me???)

This is the Energy we all be feeling in some regard as the Full Moon transits through the Astrological Sign of Scorpio this weekend. It can also be a powerfully romantic/erotic time for the Lovers out and about.

So, Hang in There Luvies, As long as we are AWARE of our own Personal Astrolgical Tendencies, and the general the Astrological Climate, we can RISE ABOVE being steered in whatever way the wind blows and all the best during this Emotionally Charged and Intense next few days!

All the Best,


Full Moon in Scorpio

Intense Possibilities
This week, we have a Full Moon happening in the intense sign of Scorpio. Full Moons are known for offering us the chance to launch the plans we made during the New Moon (which was last in Taurus) and achieve our goals. But every Full Moon is different. What does Full Moon in Scorpio have in store for us?

New Moons are the time to make wishes, set intentions and make your goals clear. Full Moons offer the chance to bring these dreams into reality, and with this one in Scorpio, you have the extra push of an extremely forceful sign -- the sign of the Scorpion is known as being among the most passionate in the zodiac. It's also a sign that embraces both sensuality and death -- after all, its ruling planet is Pluto, the planet of the underworld.

So how can you put your plans into action? First, connect yourself with Scorpio's key element -- Water. Whether you're near an ocean, lake, stream, pond or creek, take a long hard look at what you think you want to accomplish. One of Scorpio's key characteristics is honesty. Pluto tends to show the shadowy underbelly of our desires, so make sure your intentions are pure. Once you're certain, take a moment to meditate and visualize what you want to achieve. The Full Moon will help you to see the reality behind your desires.

Luckily, the Full Moon in Scorpio also throws back illusion and even invites us to feel a better sense of harmony. It gives us less tolerance for bad influence and ignorance, so make an effort to get over past hurts and too much of a focus on yourself. You have a higher purpose now -- whether it's related to school, work, love, art -- and now is the time to tap into the Full Moon in Scorpio energy to realize it!

At the Full Moon in Scorpio, we take a deep look at what we're worth. How much do you value yourself? Are you valued by others and well compensated for your work? Opposed by the Sun in bottom-line Taurus, the Moon in magnetic Scorpio reminds us that our self-esteem -- not our circumstances -- determines our prosperity and well being. Messenger Mercury turns retrograde two days before the Full Moon, backtracking into Taurus to offer a tip: Look within and tap past resources to boost your worth. Watch for sudden insights at this Full Moon on how to improve the area of life it triggers for you.

The Full Moon is always an intense and emotional period, and things get even deeper when it's in powerful, secretive Scorpio. But with intensity comes the potential for change, and Scorpio can be a powerful healer. Why not use the Full Moon's light to peer into your past and understand the childhood events that are affecting you today?
This Full Moon in Scorpio is overlapping Mother's Day. Now's the ideal time to gain new insight into your relationships with the significant people in your life -- like Mom!

From Astrologer Jeff Jawer:
Emotions may boil over with the steamy Scorpio Full Moon on May 9. This is a sign of extremes that wants it all or nothing at all. However, mysterious Scorpio can also hide feelings, so keep a look out for signals from a suddenly silent mate or potential partner. Expansive Jupiter's stressful 90-degree square to this Full Moon turns small matters into major issues. Managing resources could be a key to maintaining harmony, so don't spend too much or act too cheap if you want to avoid this romance killer. On the other hand, desires can be exaggerated, making you feel like you can't live without someone who, upon reflection, is neither your cup of tea, coffee or vitamin water.( He said Vitamin Water LMFAO! )

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