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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The 51st Annual Gramophone Award Show (aka Grammy's for those not up on game...)

So I'm at my home away from home, and the Grammy's just ended, and what can I say? YES, I DID tune in, but really only to see my favorite pregnant rapper of the moment - M.I.A., in all her preggo splendor!


Nine months to the day, with a special emergency cart on standby at the Staples center, just in case all her on-stage grooving caused a fetal stir.

AWESOME!!! That was defintely THE highlight of the night for me of the pseudo-unpredictable homogenic industry created (like ALL awards shows - NOW you are starting to understand the broad range of nominees, in order to make it seem like they are up on the cutting edge, yet the ALWAYS predictable winners, i.e. Coldplay, whom I do like...I'm just sayin') awards show. I was also unpleasantly taken aback to find out that Miley Cirus and Taylor Swift are BFF's, thus Swift invited Cirus along for the ride to butcher her song - I mean really Miley? Can't you fake a better country vibrato than that???; Stevie Wonder is the long lost Jonas Brother (I need to do the background research, but being that only like 3 major record labels remain, I am almost CERTAIN, they are on the same label or sister subsidiary, which would explain the random ass collabo); and Blink 182 is back together to save the Rock! Yes!!! Urrrr, maybe not... Tom did NOT look like he was feelin' the love. Oh! And how could I forget, Jennifer Hudson's moving performance (Truly Glad You are Back Jen - WE LOVE YOU!!!); Kayne's always expected, now cliche deviation from script; and the fact that all the nominees for Record of the Year were Britons? I can't even hate on that one, because they all are MADD talented. Besides, I DO Luv me some Adele - I get tears in my eyes every time I here "Chasing Pavements,"

not to be confused with fellow British soul singer Estelle, who was also in the house, and whom we also HEART:

Perhaps the major label American music scene was lacking this year, but come on, not one American nominee...something's Arthur Treacher's fishy here. I say they are trying to Europeanize us All! (WHAT DOES THAT REALLY MEAN??? But whateva guv'na, I won't get my pretty panties in a bunch just yet, and maybe not ever - it is just the Grammy's...


  1. The performances was hot with hova, TI, weezy...but M.I.A. I think she looked crazy dancing on stage while pregnant....only black folks

  2. She was just being herself, which I think is fly. Being pregnant doesn't mean living in a cave - Swagga don't stop just 'cause you got a bun in the oven feel me.