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Saturday, February 14, 2009


So, there is some strange bloody history to the holiday I once read about, involves a pope and soldiers going to war and their left behind loves I think, wait, why don't I just stop being lazy and look it up on wikipedia, un momento por favor:

"...The Emperor supposedly did this to grow his army, believing that married men did not make for good soldiers('Because everyone knows Love makes you a pussy' B-RAE not Wiki). The priest Valentine, however, secretly performed marriage ceremonies for young men. When Claudius found out about this, he had Valentine arrested and thrown in jail. In an embellishment to The Golden Legend, on the evening before Valentine was to be executed, he wrote the first "valentine" himself, addressed to a young girl variously identified as his beloved,[14] as the jailer's daughter whom he had befriended and healed,[15] or both. It was a note that read "From your Valentine."

If your're interested in the full history, read on at:'s_Day

So that's a little history lesson, fast forward to 2009 and the holiday has lost all valor, as most holidays, and has become a corporate cash cow. However, I am not a total cynic, buy flowers and expensive dinners, eat chocolate, make love, go nuts people! But if you are a bit angsty due to the date, read the following article:

"Hate Valentine's Day? Here's Help!"

No matter if you're happily paired up or just fine flying solo, Valentine's Day hype can be a source of angst. Here are tips on how to avoid being irate on February 14th.

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"10 Signs You're Just Not That Into Him"

By Brittany Burke

Sometimes, whether you want to believe it or not, the love is gone. Here, women tell us how and when they knew the romantic jig was up.

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