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Saturday, February 14, 2009

V for VICTORY - We made it thru another Valentine's Day!

So, first off let me just say getting a taxi in this City on Valentine's Day is absolutely ridiculous! I was standing on the corner so long I felt like a lady of the night!!! N-E-Way, I hit up that single's texting crush party I wrote to you all about, and it was pretty neat. I won't say there were any deep connections formed, but it was definitely fun too get out and connect, digitally, but most importantly kinesthetically , with some actual real people. The next one will be in March (the BEST month!), the "Not Another Spring Fling" so keep posted. Boy, I'm glad I made it through Valentine's Day in one piece!

~B-RAE Out~

p.s. - Shouts to Jevaun, Danielle, and Rich - the Man, for hooking up my cell phone!

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