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Sunday, February 15, 2009


So I hate to harp on a subject, but whatever, it's my blog, i.e, my forum for my voice, so shit, you're gonna read about it again, and again and again as long as I feel there are people out there who haven't heard the message. The topic on my mind, especially after a recent night out on the town with some of my favorite GYRL's and guy, and hot on the heels of all this Valentine's Day/Relationship talk, is Brothas On the Downlow. I mean, you hear about it ALL the time, it's in the media, etc., so call me naïve, but I am REALLY JUST BEGINNING TO UNDERSTAND HOW PREVALENT THIS PHENOMENON TRULY IS IN MODERN DATING. I have nothing against gay men, in fact homosexuality, or fully disclosed bisexuality is not the issue at all. A gay, or bisexual man, is a gay, or bisexual man; I know where we stand. However, I, as straight, single woman don't know where I stand with A Brotha On the Downlow . This is so because he does not identify himself as being gay, or bisexual. And Brothas, I'm not trying to make you categorize or label yourself, I understand we have moved into an Age where all sorts of people want to do away with all sorts of labels, and that's cool, be free, but in expressing your new found freedom, please do just that!?! EXPRESS and COMMUNICATE your varied types of sexual behavior to your partners, meaning FULL DISCLOSURE. Ya' know, I consider myself a pretty cool, liberal chic, but I must say I DO HAVE SOMETHING AGAINST men who are not upfront with their partners, witholding important information about their sexual conduct either way; men with women, men with men; and ladies PLEASE DON'T GET IT TWISTED, know that there are men out there running game on, and confusing the hell out of our gay Brothas too, leading them on when they know they have gyrlfriends at home! Men reading this, whether you call yourself gay or bisexual is, in all actuality, irrelevant, that's just a title. The behavior is the issue, and I may be the first to say it, though I highly doubt it, FULL DISCLOSURE ABOUT YOUR SEXUAL HABITS TO YOUR PARTNER is really THE ONLY RIGHT CHOICE to make if you swing both ways. STI's and HIV/AIDS don't care what name you give yourself, believe that. It's a brave new world of dating Luvies!!! Make sure you are aware and up on game! I'm gonna go post some funny videos now, but ladies and gentlemen, please watch your back(door) and BE CAREFUL!!!



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