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Saturday, February 21, 2009


As my friend told me about this breaking news over breakfast the other morning, I just kept hearing EMF over and over again in my head. This news is definitely as UNBELIEVEABLE as it is UNBEWEAVEABLE!

A Miracle Indeed!!! And I am Happy for the Young Lady's Life remaining in tact, but come on 'yall, I know I'm NOT the only one who was crying tears lmao at the idea of a weave saving someone's life. Shoot - She got superkryptochronalite weave! I need some of that...I must say I have never felt more vindicated as a Black woman who wears weaves from time to time...all the horse hair jokes are eatin' it right now lol. BULLETPROOF HAIR - Whoulda thunk it, fly and functional!

AFRICANO BOI's Take On the Story:

I may NEVER stop wearing weaves now...

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