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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shanon Says...


February 16th, 2009 by Astologer Shannon Day

It’s funny this Uranus Saturnalian aspect rolling about this past week. Coupled with the Full Moon in Leo last Monday, it was quite intense! It seems the media forecast is forever divulging the great fears mired in our psyches. Questions of stability, unknown future, the transient qualities of life, lack of prosperity, and, of course, recession…

This roller coaster reaches beyond what is real to the deep reaches of our unconscious. At this very minute, I am sitting in front of a roaring fire, it’s Monday morning, 10AM, Presidents Day. In this time when known constraints and institutions (Saturn) are being waylaid by new constructs and future needs (Uranus), we are met with the tether on a tiger. Again I look to the warm flames to soften my heart and reach to the primal source of peace. This is certainly a year to be gentle with ourselves and others.

It is the Chinese Year of the Ox. Hard working, moving forward, slow and steady wins the race. However, how about we remove ourselves out of that “race”. The psychic landscape of negativity and rat race mentality is ever present with the darkened outlook of our times. It affects everyone. Recession is such that it pulls the “little guys” out of the game and creates a speculative market. Everyone is afraid of “losing” and integrity begins to waver in the face of self preservation. Don’t take the “blue” pill. Known to us is the power of thought, self talk, and awareness.

Be aware of what seemingly “is”, but also be aware that there IS much speculation. I am likened to think of such wonderful films as The Lord of The Rings trilogy or Star Wars. Why did these films have such far reaching power? It is the old adage’ of Good versus Evil. This war lives in each and every one of us daily. The power of thought and belief. Do we go to the dark side? Do we take the blue pill versus the red, or do we follow our own hearts and instincts despite the popular poles and media transgressions? I believe Hope is the medicine for our times, the gentleness of daily miracles, the sweetness of moments, and the beauty of creative expression will bring us through.

I savor the opportunity to be present weekly with all of you in SkyVibe. These times allow me an opportunity to regard the bounty in my life, and see how I can improve. Let us take no prisoners, and take no sides. Be a pirate for pleasure and grace, and raise the flag of Hope for Inner Peace.


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